Dear Rosary fans;

I have founded this web site so as to introduce in Turkey and globally the delicacy, nicety,
and sensitivity of my craft and art that I have been performing since 1985 by contributing
my heart in
My aim; is to share your knowledge on rosaries and those you might not
I got used to have some extreme difficulties in supplying materials and models during
the early stages of my profession. I passed over such difficulties in time by my efforts and
valuable assistance of my clients.No longer, I can supply the materials that I look for.
noteworthy and conspicuous detail of the hand-made rosaries produced is that of natural materials. All the works on rosaries are performed by sticking with the Ottoman motifs. I have always tried to practice my Ottoman adoration onto my rosaries. I got along to open an exhibition in Ataturk library by assistance of Ministry of Culture in the years 1996 and 2003.
I have produced my rosaries for the esteemed collectors like Mr.Ahmet Aydin Bolak,
Mr.Necip Saricaoglu,
Mr.Erdem Alp, Mr.Mehmet Ender Kayan, and Mr.Mehmet Cebi since 1985.
I commemorate with respect and Godís mercy invaluable skilled craftman Mr Yusuf
Bugun who is the leading factor for me to come to this point and who support me in any
stage of my profession and those who set on their heart to rosaries.

NOTE: No damage is caused to the environment and natural life in supplying the materials I need for my profession.

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