I was born on 09.09.1964 in Istanbul/Turkey. After taking primary and secondary education, I had actively taken place in many professions, married in 1982, and enrolled in military. I have started doing business in rosary after taking discharge with one of my mate that I have got acquainted with during my military service. I have started doing business under primitive conditions, however brought to the current status by my intense efforts.

I got acquainted with skilled man Mr. Yusuf OZGEN in 1994. I have performed various works with Yusuf till 2001. I have noticed the importance of knowledge, experience, and sensitivity for a rosary during this period. I still perform my works in this direction.

I have participated in many artistic activities to develop and keep the rosaries alive as well as introduction of them. I have tried to introduce this profession to Turkey by arranging exhibitions called “WHEN A ROSARY BECOMES ART” in 1996 2003. My only aim is not only introduce this profession to Turkey but also introduce it globally.

Thanks to this web-site, You will share your knowledge on rosaries and those you might not know and will see that the rosaries are not only a accessory or way of free the stress, instead it is just a branch of art.